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  • We won an appeal of a Chinese national who had failed to abide by the conditions of her Work Permit but had, at the time of the appeal, spent 10 continuous years in the UK and therefore qualified under the Long Residence rules. We successfully argued that the Home Office could not retrospectively curtail her Work Permit leave and that as long as they had not terminated her leave in time, she was lawfully in the UK.
  • We won a Zimbabwean asylum appeal on the basis that even though our client had attended just one opposition demonstration (which the Home Office had accepted), this was enough to fall within the risk categories identified in the RN Country Guidance case which says that even low level activists are at risk in Zimbabwe.
  • We stopped the removal of an Afghani national from the UK on the basis that his case was similar to his brother's case who had obtained Indefinite Leave to Remain. Two weeks later, the Home Office also granted him Indefinite Leave to Remain.
  • We represented a client in a Post-Study Work appeal and successfully argued that although she did not have sufficient funds to cover both her and her dependant, she had enough funds for just herself and her appeal should therefore succeed by considering her application and appeal separately.
  • We successfully appealed a deport order where the appellant had convictions for multiple counts of fraud but had a wife and 2 children with Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.
  • We have successfully argued in various cases where the Home Office have not considered Rule 395C factors in a refusal, that such a decision is not in accordance with the law and that the appeal should be allowed on that technical basis even where the appeal would not have succeeded on the main grounds.
  • We have represented overstayers to regularise their stay in the UK as Tier 1 (post-Study) Work Migrants, and Tier 4 (Students).
  • We have represented overstayers to regularise their stay where they have spouses or children who have settled status in the UK.
  • We have represented overstayers to regularise their stay under the legacy scheme for people who claimed asylum before 5th March 2007 and have exhausted their appeal rights

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